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quasi una Fantasia
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"What’s this, Jack?"

"It’s Olaf. I bought it for you."

"But it’s a leopard, Jack. Olaf is a cat."

"It is a cat! …it’s not a cat?"

A quick draw from a scene in my lengthy-named one-shot: ‘Five Times She Says ‘I Love You’ and Jack Doesn’t Return

Leopard is so hard to draw! Though I pretty like this new coloring style. I’d like to draw a few more but ideas are lacking. Any out there maybe? I’d love to give up my school works and dig into it… if reality allowed me that’s it.

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Paperclips by SaturnXK

Happy belated Birthday, saturnxk!

I was like, ‘WAIT WHAT YOUR BIRTHDAY IS TODAY’  —then I just managed to finish this now. No, totally didn’t mean to make you guilty, yep. I just love you so much <3

Anywaaay hope you like it! *V* Hope you had an amazing birthday!

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happy 17th anniversary, one piece!

i may have a thing for watercolour minimalist type things

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Let us meet again, in two years time!!

and thank you for the 3000 followers!